Seltmann Weiden

There are a lot of reasons to choose porcelain from Seltmann Weiden.

The porcelain from Seltmann doesn't contain plumb and cadmium, thus it meets all normative provisions. Comparing to other porcelain, Seltmann's porcelain is extremely durable due to high firing temperature. Every piece is burned twice and furnished with an extra strong varnish. Comparing to cheap porcelain, their porcelain is highly durable and has a longer service life. The porcelain has a space-saving stackability, it is washed easely and guarantees high hygienic due to extremely dense, smooth glaze surface. 

Further benefits are: absolutely resistant to any temperature, excellent heat storing capacity.
Seltmann Weiden is a high valued partner, who acts quantitave flexibel for more than 100 years. To individualize their porcelain, clients may choose any decoration they wish.  

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